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Between The Stone Fox And The Culm Crusher

You would think it would get a little 'easier' after six all-original Albums, but in truth, with experience, we tend to get more critical of our own Material, and therefore it appears to be a bigger challenge ! The work on the new NIALL TONER BAND Album seems a little slow, but hopefully it will be well-worth the wait..... The focus this time 'round is much more on local issues and Historical events, mostly inspired by the area between Myshall and Carlow Town, following the route of the RIVER BURREN, in a Bluegrass/Rootsy frame of mind ... Songs and Tunes about THE LAST WOLF ON THE MOUNTAIN, shot near Fenagh, MYLES WALTER KEOGH, from Leighlinbridge, who died with General Custer at the Battle Of The Little Big Horn , RAILROAD DREAMS, the story of the Train that used to run from St.Mullins, BLUES FOR LARRY, an Instrumental dedicated to the late Larry Roddy, and lots more besides. The current tentative title for this project is ; BETWEEN THE STONE FOX AND THE CULM CRUSHER [Alternative title might be ;Between Orchard Studio, Enniscorthy, and the Toolshed Studios, Nashville, TN.] Watch this space ................... Niall.

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