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The Day After Tomorrow ..

It's hard to believe, but time has whizzed by since I wrote the blog about Lights, Camera, Action, and now, here we are ! Next Sunday is the day, and the excitement around Myshall is palpable ! Nerves are tingling, but we are all set to shoot our live Gig/Documentary in the Myshall Community Hall on Sunday. As I said previously, wear your best Bib and Tucker, as the results will be shown World-Wide in the new year. The Band on Sunday will include all our star players, Richie Foley on Mandolin, Paddy Kiernan on Five-String Banjo, Johnny Gleeson on Dobro Guitar, Dick Gladney on Bass, and yours truly on Guitar and Vocals. See you there ....Still some tickets available locally, and on-line at our website, just go to STORE.

Looking forward to the event, and remember that Funds will be donated to Myshall National School.

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