Coming Soon....

The release of three Video Singles from my Onwards and Upwards CD on Pinecastle Records. PRC1182

July 2014 : Million Dollar Bill, a tounge-in-cheek humourous Song about a man who inherits a pair of Cowboy Boots, a box of fine Cheroots, and a Million Dollar Bill. “ You can’t take it with you when you go “ ....

August 2014 : Way Of A Wanderer, the tale of a wandering Minstrel who will play a song for a glass of wine, but don’t expect him to stick around for too long. “ The only light in his eyes is the glare of a highway sign”.......

September 2014 :Judge and Jury, a dark song about infidelity, murder, betrayal and justice. “ Nothing concentrates the mind, like a hanging, they say “ ..........

Links to all Videos will be available according to the above shedule.

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